Alignment: Lawful Good.
Domains: Glory, Good, Law.
Assidum is somewhat of a mystery to the races of Thraina. Even the Angels, who have worshipped him for almost the entire history of the world, cannot pretend to understand him.

Assidum’s Worship

Assidum stands for peace and kindness, though he by no means forbids his worshippers to fight to protect themselves or to spread his word. Indeed, the Day of Glory is an Assidumian festival celebrating the greatest victories of his followers. Assidum’s cult can perhaps best be described as the worship of positive emotions; joy, love, honour, glory, bravery, generosity.

Assidum’s prophet through the ages has been the Angel Malikon, who for a long time lead the Angel race in their city of Mabuzishar. In the year 5AC, Malikon founded the Church of Assidum in Parandor, and over the twenty years that followed the cult of Assidum has spread like wildfire throughout the Dwarven Peninsula, and is now spreading into the human kingdom of Mancynn.


Assidum is worshipped mainly by Angels and Dwarves, though his cult is growing rapidly among the humans. His priesthood is highly organised, and happily accepts all potential worshippers, providing that they atone for any sins they may have committed.


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