Feast of Shemman

Date: 13th Vatvas
Culture: Human

Shemman is the human god of fire, and although he is worshipped far less than Muraghin, many celebrate Shemman’s feast. The festival is celebrated with huge bonfires around which people dance, usually dressed in masks and robes to look like fire creatures. Recently, certain human cities, particularly in Mancynn, have begun importing gnomish fireworks for the celebrations.

Religious Significance

Shemman’s feast is the day of the year upon which Shemman is considered most powerful, and is important to humans as one of the four great feast days. In early times it was one of the most important festivals, and although it has lost some of its significance, it is still second only to Muraghin’s Night.

Traditional Dishes

Shemman is associated with apples, so dishes involving apples are common. Red and orange foods are also associated with him, as well as spices, so spicy pumpkin soup and carrot cakes are also eaten. In many places animals are roasted over the ceremonial bonfires, and roast meat is fairly common everywhere.

Feast of Shemman

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