Ruler: King Cyrus of Mancynn
Population: 22, 000
Country: Mancynn

Kamelot is the capital city of the human nation of Mancynn, and lies west of Gallan Lake. The city is famous for it’s castle, home of the King, and it’s Wizard’s Guild. Kamelot is also a centre for the Cult of Death, and houses both an impressive temple and the fortress of the Bloodknights. Like most human cities, it is surrounded by many burial mounds of the ancient cult.
The population of the city is largely human, but with growing numbers of dwarves, as well as sizeable seelie and strix communities.

Important NPCs

Notable Factions


  • Kamelot is the location of the Hall of Clouds, an extraplanar magic shop, established by a Sylph wizard.


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