The Great Dragon

Race: Dragon
Class: Unknown
Alignment: Unknown
Religion: Unknown

Zeriph is the second being to inhabit Thraina and the father of all Dragons. He is a huge being, the biggest dragons look like lizards in comparison to him. He is also beautifully coloured with individual scales being different colours and shining when the light hits them. and and instead he he is not limited to only one element but instead is able to breath them all. In fact it is often said that he create the sun, breathing a great fire into the sky.

He is generally reclusive, very few beings have ever set eyes upon him, apart from the dragons and others of similar power.

He is on good terms with The Lighting who he allowed to establish the Elemental Order on Tarchon Isle.


His first act was to create the Dragons, the myths that are told tell how he took a claw full of his scales and gave out a mighty roar of all the elements, from each scale a Dragon grew. He prefers to guide and aid his children rather than command them. Uncharacteristically he did aid the Undine when they first appeared, many feel this was due to the dragon’s feeling of kinship to the pseudo-elementals.

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